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Without doubt, is the best place to Watch Stone Full Movie Online. It’s always a joy to see two elite actors interacting one-on-one: the way their characters play off each other both verbally and in their body language, sparring while the actors work together to make the scene as compelling as possible.

It’s a given that Stone โ€“ director John Curran’s dark, disturbing character drama โ€“ will feature plenty of verbal battles from leads Edward Norton and Robert De Niro, playing a prisoner and parole officer trying to outwit each other. But the most impressive performance comes from a more unlikely source.

Millennium Films/Alliance’s Stone Stars Robert De Niro, Edward Norton and Milla Jovovich

Grizzled parole officer Jack Mabry (De Niro) is wrapping up the last of his case files before retiring. But, true to Hollywood, there’s a joker in the deck: Gerald โ€œStoneโ€ Creeson (Norton), convicted of starting a fire to hide his grandparents’ murder. Stone will stop at nothing to get an early release, even asking his cheerfully amoral wife Lucetta (Milla Jovovich) to use her considerable wiles on Mabry. And, as we see in an early scene, Mabry isn’t the paragon of virtue he would like everyone to believe.

As the lives of lawman and convict become closely intertwined, the truth becomes dangerously obscured. And, as the roles of penitent and judge are suddenly reversed, even the smallest decisions have unexpected consequences . . .

The relationship between convict and parole officer is a perilous one: one must convince the other that he’s mended his ways while the other’s natural instinct is to deny that freedom in order to protect society. He’s broken the law once; what’s to say he won’t do it again?

De Niro and Norton play this conflict to the hilt: they circle on another in their many scenes together, trading roles as their characters evolve over the course of the film. It’s great to see De Niro doing what he does best (read: not a movie with Meet the . . . in the title) and it’s a joy to watch him interact with the equally talented Norton. These are two of the top actors of their respective generations, and they renew the relationship they minted so beautifully in 2001’s The Score.

However, the most impressive performance comes from Milla Jovovich, who takes time out from shooting zombies in order to deliver a character ruthlessly devoted to her pleasures. She’s initially presented as the ideal prisoner’s wife โ€“ the happy-go-lucky slut devoted to her man. But, as she gets closer to achieving her goal, does she really want Stone back in her life? This performance is all the more impressive since she’s never previously demonstrated such range. Jovovich deserves an Oscar nomination for not only holding her own against De Niro and Norton, but damn near stealing the movie out from under them. Kudos also to Frances Conroy, who reveals a study in repressed tension as Mabry’s long-suffering, devout wife. Therefore, you really need toย Watch Stone Full Movie Online!

De Niro, Jovovich and Norton Deliver Great Performances in Stone Full Movie

This is a dark, uncomfortable film that deserves its R rating. There are no heroes, and at times we’re not sure who the real villain is. It doesn’t matter, mainly because this movie delivers 3 stunning performances. Some story issues keep Stone from a perfect score: some plot threads are introduced that don’t lead anywhere and certain sequences don’t really contribute to the film as a whole.

But Jovovich, Norton and De Niro’s performances are so compelling that it doesn’t matter, and that’s why Stone gets a 4/5. However, you can’t missย Stone Full Movie in your life. Letย Watch Stone Full Movie Online for free!