Watch Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus Full Movie Online

Most people look upon the title of this film, pause for a brief moment of existential self-diagnostics, and ask, why Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus? Few are the stalwart souls who bravely gaze into the abyss, having that same abyss gaze back into them, and ask, why NOT Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus? Let Watchย Mega Shark VS Giant Octopus Full Movie Online to find out the answer.

The Asylum

The producers at The Asylum film studio are among those choice few. The Asylum is a studio primarily known for low-budget direct-to-DVD knock offs of A-list popcorn flicks such as Transmorphers, The Da Vinci Treasure, and The Day The Earth Stopped. As such, MSvGO is a departure of sorts, not capitalizing on the popularity of any other project. Instead, the concept seems to be joyfully and shamelessly tapping into the (decidedly male) pre-pubescent psyches of its intended audience. Imagine a rambunctious boy playing in a sandbox with his toys: Here’s a monkey with a laser! Pew pew!! Here’s a robot pirate taking over a city! Here’s a shark, a really big shark, fighting a huge octopus! Awesome! Can’t wait for it. Letย Watchย Mega Shark VS Giant Octopus Full Movie Online now.

And it worked. The trailer got over a million hits – though to be fair, there is currently no technology to distinguish an ironic hit from any other kind. Pre-orders for the DVD were high. Then it actually came out. What seemed like a joke to many had become reality.

The Epitome of High Concept

Deborah Gibson, star of stage, song, and…..other song, plays Emma MacNeil, a scrappy marine scientist who “borrows” a mini submarine to follow a pod of whales in the Arctic and….oh , who cares? It’s a mega shark versus a giant octopus!!! Really, what else needs to be known? Perhaps that Lorenzo Lamas is in it. He plays some sort of vaguely identified military or government official whose sole job is apparently to be racist and contrary. Basically, the movie is scientists and marines in subs versus the giant sea monsters, who themselves are also natural enemies.

No one comes into a movie like this expecting Schindler’s List (or Spindler’s Group, as The Asylum might re-imagine it). Action films like this are often likened to pornography – the script is really just a thin excuse to set up and get to the good stuff.

The Good Stuff in Mega Shark VS Giant Octopus Full Movie

Sadly, there really isn’t that much here. The scenes with the plane and the Golden Gate Bridge are pretty much spoiled by the trailer. Those who haven’t seen the trailer can look it up, and spare themselves having to sit through the other 87 minutes of leaden acting, zero-chemistry romance, and people staring blankly at nothing while colored lights flash in their faces. Of particular note was the exciting montage of the scientists pouring liquids into other liquids and shaking their heads for three minutes.

Even when the monsters do appear, the computer animation is bad. A 21st century kind of bad, perhaps, but still just bad. And not even laughably so, which is the other problem.

Bad movies can absolutely be entertaining on some level. The right combination of camp and bad production values can elevate a film to supreme watchability, as in the works of Ed Wood. Some films, like cult favorite The Room, go so beyond the realm of misguided as to become fascinating grotesqueries. Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus commits the cardinal sin of B-movies – it’s dull. Not good enough to thrill, not bad enough to laugh at – which just makes it worse. However, you are worth to watch Mega Shark VS Giant Octopus Full Movie online today.

The ending does leave room for a sequel, though. Who’s up for Hyper Flounder Vs. Super Shrimp?