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Encino Man (Encino Man Productions, Hollywood Films, 1992) has a scientifically impossible beginning – a frozen Ice Age man coming to life with the help of modern space heaters – but then progresses into a humorous story about people from different eras learning how to get along. You must Watch Encino Man Full Movie Online Before watching Encino Man 2.

The Plot of Encino Man

After Watching Encino Man Full Movie Online, as Encino Man starts, a man and a woman are trying to keep warm, but they are having problems with their heating system. Suddenly a freak accident destroys their home, which falls down around them as they reach out, their fingertips barely touching, before they are buried in ice and rubble.

Thousands of years later, while digging a pool in a backyard in Encino, California, two high school boys discover the man from the opening scenes encased in a huge block of ice. The boys agree to keep the man a secret and hide him in a shed, surrounded by space heaters turned up to their highest settings.

The man should be dead after several millenniums without oxygen, but once defrosted he awakens and leaves the shed and explores his surroundings, which have changed from Ice Age California to 1990s California, complete with suburban homes, muddy backyards with half-finished pools, drapes that flutter against his face as he enters the house, and strange, noisy images in the walls that inspire him to sing and dance.

A few hours later, while trying to start a fire in a bedroom, the man is greeted by the boys, who have returned from school. They do not speak his language nor do they share his culture. However, they are kind and helpful and assist him with taking a bath, find clothes that cover his body – previously warmed only by a tiny loincloth – and involve him in their activities, both at home and at school.

The man understands some, but not all, of his new situation: the boys hope that by hanging out with him, they will become more popular at school. Let come to our website and Watch Encino Man Full Movie Online!

Romantic Relationships in Encino Man

The caveman, who has struggled to learn his new name, “Link,” misses his mate and draws pictures of her anywhere he can: with mud on the walls at Dave’s house; at school on the chalkboards; with graphic design programs while learning how to use a computer; and with large detailed designs painted with ketchup and mustard at the local hockey skating rink.

Link’s new friends, Dave and Stoney, have their own problems: Dave used to be friends with Robyn, but she has achieved “maximum babehood” and is therefore unattainable according to Stoney, who appears to be thoroughly laid-back and fine with his own lack of a girlfriend. Robyn is dating Matt, a tough jock who bullies Dave as often as possible.

The Acting in Encino Man Full Movie

Sean Astin and Pauly Shore play Dave and Stoney, respectively, with ease and have a brotherly onscreen chemistry. The other high school students, including future The Mentalist star Robin Tunney, are also well-cast. Brendan Fraser, in one of his first starring roles, is a massive, buff, monosyllabic caveman who piques Tunney’s interest.

The Conclusion of Encino Man Full Movie

The odds are against Dave hooking up with Robyn, who is clearly not in his league, but he tries and tries and tries again. Sean Astin’s Dave is good-hearted and loyal, but naive and still a bit of a child while Robyn, played by Megan Ward, has moved into early adulthood. Pauly Shore, as Stoney, provides laid-back, gentle advice to everyone, living up to his name.

Meanwhile, Link adapts well to his new environment yet continues to express sadness over his lost mate. Then, one evening, as he and Stoney are partying at Dave’s house, they hear and see the smoke alarm going off … and cave paintings on the walls … and footprints leading to the bathtub … could it be ….?

Link is thrilled to reunite with his lady. Are you interested in this movie? Let Watch Encino Man Full Movie Online!